Laser epilation treatment for recurrent infections around a BCHI abutment


Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, AZ Sint Jan, Bruges, Belgium


Department of Dermatology, AZ Sint Jan, Bruges, Belgium

B-ENT 2017; 13: 93-96
Read: 866 Downloads: 674 Published: 01 February 2020

Laser epilation treatment for recurrent infections around a BCHI abutment. Objective: One of the most frequent complications of percutaneous bone conduction hearing implant (BCHI) surgery is dermatitis around the titanium skin-penetrating abutment. In this study, we describe a case where the hair around the BCHI abutment was removed with laser epilation.

Methods: We used a long-pulsed, 800-nm LightSheerTM diode laser (Lumenis, Inc.) to treat recurrent soft tissue reactions caused by the ingrowth of hairs around the implant site.

Results: Laser therapy prevented recurrent infections by effectively reducing hair follicles. The patient was very satisfied with the outcome and no side effects were observed.

Conclusion: Diode laser therapy appears to be successful for patients suffering from recurrent infections around their BCHI abutment due to the ingrowth of hair. This treatment may be a new alternative to current standard therapies. 

EISSN 2684-4907