Acute external ear lesions: clinical aspects, assessment and management


ENT Department CHU St Pierre, Brussels


Emergency Department Sint Lucas Hospital, Gent


Emergency Department UZGent, Ghent

B-ENT 2016; 12: Supplement 155-171
Read: 888 Downloads: 617 Published: 03 February 2020

Acute external ear lesions: clinical aspects, assessment and management. We reviewed the literature concerning the assessment and the management of the external ear traumas, which is not very rich. Nevertheless, we outlined the practical attitudes in the four major conditions met: the auricular haematoma, the auricular perichondritis, the auricular laceration and auricular burns. All these pathologies must be promptly treated because there is a risk of perichondritis, which can destroy the cartilage and will result in a severely deformed ear. Auricular haematomas must be drained as soon as possible, lacerations with exposed cartilage must be stitched urgently, and burnt ears should be washed, coated with alginates (Flaminal®) and covered with a loose dressing. Antibioprophylaxy should always be prescribed after a complete microbiological sampling.

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